updated on 13.07.2015

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Career in the Company

Our staff: professionals – purposeful and oriented to the highest results.

We are seeking for: talented, purposeful people, whishing to contribute into the development of pharmaceutical sector of Kazakhstan.

Staff recruitment is executed on competitive base in the following order:

  • When the vacancy is free, “SK-Pharmaceuticals” LLP publishes the advertisement of a vacancy and qualification criteria on its web-site.
  • Administrative division examines candidates by their resumes according to appropriate criteria. Under compliance with the requirements the candidates are invited to the interview with the head of a division and then with General manager of the Company.
  • Candidates, who passed all the stages of interview, will be invited for the employment in the “SK-Pharmaceuticals” LLP.
  • Resumes are sent at the address: “SK-Pharmaceuticals” LLP, Astana, Turan av. 18, Business-center "Turan", cab. А 203 or placed on the web-site: